The next cold code key defense: 29.

Blue period open 04 ball, low segment end temperature code duplication ball, defensive in the nike free 5.0 recent high above the surrounding cold code gradually back to temperature, this period still mint green nike will free runs continue to pay attention to the temperature nike free runs code ball defense at nike free run 4.0 womens the same time period in high temperature cold

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all black free run 2 According to the previous number trend analysis of the distribution of the number of regional variation range, the next number

The trend of changes in the focus of attention: nike free run for cheap 01-09, 11 - 17, 18-25, 26-33, which focus mint nike free runs on the number 02, 14, 22, 33; auxiliary number attention: 04, 07, 24, 27; constant temperature number key value 08;

Odd-even analysis: expected for nike free run 3 cheap 1, 3, 5 small tail number appears, parity combination value 4: 2.

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